Bike Fit

Unsure? Just call me. I'll be happy to talk with you about your needs and how I might be able to help. 

You should never be uncomfortable because of your position.  If your position is uncomfortable then it simply isn't the correct position for you!

Comfort is critical because any time you're in pain, not only does your performance drop but you stop enjoying the ride!  Your position is key to your cycling experience, and one of the first things you should get right when you start cycling.  A consultation for a cyclist who has a concern regarding cycling is a 2 hour process that includes measurement and analysis of cycling biomechanics and relationship to injury and performance.  Your bike will be fit accurately and professionally to your individual needs and anatomical capability.  Your ideal position will be comfortable.  It will achieve a balance between smooth motion, optimal power and aerodynamics. 

Whether you’re a racing cyclist or a commuter, a professional bike fit is one of the best things you’ll ever do. Why? Getting set up on your bike correctly helps to:

  • Improve performance
  • Prevent / treat injuries

And let’s face it – there isn’t a cyclist alive who doesn’t want to ride faster or more comfortably! 

Why Use a Physiotherapist to Fit your Bike? 

A Physiotherapist whose expertise is cycling has all of the skills for treating and preventing injuries, as well as the skills for analysing cycling biomechanics.  My under-graduate and post-graduate qualifications covering anatomy, biomechanics, physiology and years of clinical experience allow me to fit you and your bike  without the use of expensive systems or technology. My professional qualifications mean that I can more directly relate any problems (such as pain, injury or poor performance) to your individual situation and goals. As a keen cyclist I race on both the road and velodrome, and mountain bike for recreation.  So I understand the needs of bike riders from racers to recreational or commuter. I have fit cyclists with hip dysfunction, joint replacements, amputations and neurological dysfunction.

Your consultation is a Physiotherapy consultation including taking your history, a physical examination, treatment including optimising your position on the bike, and any other recommendations required to ensure your cycling is pain free.  This may include preventative health care advice and treatment recommendations.  

I offer individualised bike fitting. You can't optimise position using a formula!  One reason a formula or computer system can't fit you properly is that it cannot assess, test and evaluate your motor control (which is how your brain programs your pedaling technique) - this requires a skilled Physiotherapist with a highly trained eye for cycling mechanics.  Physiotherapists are essentially the only profession trained in this skill.  

I aim to create a fit that meets your goals and your own body’s abilities.  Remember that not everyone can physically get into Cadels’ extreme time trial position!  I aim to get you into YOUR best position for both power production, aerodynamics and comfort that your individual body can achieve, and I explain why positioning choices are made as we progress through your bike fit.  If we can improve your musculoskeletal attributes over time by identifying and teaching you how to correct any faults (eg tight hamstrings or weak abdominals) then I can re-adjust / improve your position in the future as your body improves (this is crucial for anyone who races if you wish to obtain a competitive position).

The Physio Bike Fitting Process:

I take a thorough history to help me understand the type of riding you want to do and your goals.

I then perform a clinical examination, including:

  • Musculoskeletal measurements such as flexibility, core strength and the alignment of your bones and feet – so that we know what position your body is capable of attaining and controlling without injury
  • Anthropometric measurements such as arm and leg length – so that we can accurately establish body proportions, identify structural versus functional leg length differences, and obtain an approximation of starting saddle position
  • Your measurements on the bike – I measure your bike, your joint angles when pedalling, observe your technique and identify any faults that need correcting

After compiling all of the relevant information and correlating this with your personal goals, we adjust your bike on the spot to create your “perfect ride”.  I take into consideration factors such as aerodynamics, power output, and ability to breathe easily so as to create a comfortable, fast and pain-free ride. 

4 Reasons Why A Physio Bike Fit Makes Financial Sense:

  1. It’s a fraction of the cost of a new bike.  You spend thousands on a new bike - spending a few hundred to make sure it fits you properly for the years ahead is a small investment in your comfort and enjoyment.
  2. It’s much cheaper than a course of treatment for injuries caused by a poor bike set-up!
  3. If your injury is due to a poor bike fit it won’t get better (or stay better) until you correct your bike set-up.
  4. It’s a cost effective way to improve performance.  Your performance will improve by at least as much when moving from a poor position to a good one as it does when swapping your old training wheels with a new pair of $3000 carbon race wheels!

What to Bring to Your Bike Set-Up:

  • Your bike - cleaned please (we do not service or clean bikes - please have yours in working order)
  • Your shoes - cleats cleaned and servicable please
  • Your knicks

What’s Included and What’s it Cost?

  • Your appointment will last up to 2 hours.
  • It includes all of the measurements mentioned above and adjusting your bike set-up to create your “perfect” ride.
  • Cost: $380 for 1 bike.
  • Payment is required at the time of consultation. EFTPOS facilities are available for your convenience. You will be issued a receipt for your Physiotherapy consultation, for which you may be entitled to claim part of the cost from private health insurance.

Junior Cyclists: 

  • A discount is offered to junior cyclists.  
  • Your initial bike fit will last up to 90 minutes.
  • Cost: $180 for 1 bike.
  • We aim to assist a developing body to attain the best position possible and advise regarding frame and component sizes so as to accommodate growth and minimise the need to constantly replace bikes.
*Whilst we may recommend suitable saddles, pedals, bars, orthotic considerations etc. we do not sell these or make a commission and suggest you contact your local bike shop or preferred supplier. Because of this you can be sure our advice is truly independent and designed with your best interests at heart.  We do not service or perform mechanical work on your bike.

What Types of Bikes do I Set-Up?triathlon TT

  • Road
  • Time Trial & Triathlon
  • Track
  • Mountain Bike XC
  • Recreational / commuter

I offer a full triathlon service including analysis of running and swimming biomechanics, and can provide an individualised Body Fit program for your triathlon needs (click here to go to triathlon page).

I happily work with everyone from beginner to elite, younger and older.  I have successfully fit cyclists with a range of medical conditions including amputations, arthritis, spinal surgery (including Harrington rods for scoliosis) and following joint replacement and arthroscopy.  If you would like to discuss your specific problems prior to consultation to see if a bike fit may be appropriate for you please call David at Cycle Physio on 3369 0909.

Pre-Purchase Bike Fit

Before spending a lot of money on your new ride, why not organise a pre-purchase bike fit to make sure you get the correct frame size and style, correct crank length, handlebars and pedals that will best suit your individual body?  This takes only half an hour and costs $130.  I can help you make the best choice, and prevent costly mistakes like cutting the steerer tube too short or buying the wrong sized floor stock from an eager salesperson.

How Often Should I Have my Set-up Reviewed?

It is recommended that you have your position reviewed every two years or each time you get a new bike.  For racing cyclists a yearly review is ideal.  This is because your body can change over time, as can your goals or needs.  Obviously if you get a new bike then we need to fit you to it.

A short 30 minute review of your position is recommended if you get new shoes or cleat/pedal system, or a new saddle, as measurements generally don’t translate across different components accurately or easily.

After a crash, it is recommended that you book an appointment for a check-up of your own body as soon as possible.  An important reason for this is that often your spine needs re-alignment after a crash, which is quicker and easier to do the sooner I see you.  It also prevents back or knee pain several months down the track when your bruises and road rash are well and truly healed.  I recommended that you check (using a spirit level) that your saddle is still straight.  The saddle often hits the ground in a crash and can bend - you will need to replace the saddle if this has occurred, otherwise you run the risk of developing back pain from sitting in a crooked position.  If you get a new saddle that is different to your previous model, I recommend a short 30 minute review of your position so we can get you sitting perfectly again.

Whilst we would love to tell you more about the clients we work with and what they say about us, we can't. The use of any testimonials is against the code of conduct of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency which Physiotherapists are proud members of.