For those of you who know me, you have all heard me say that resistance training or “doing your exercises” actually works.  A recent systematic review (yep, that’s the fancy words for a thorough scientific review of everything that is published in the peer-reviewed... Read More
Many people think bike fitting is just about the bike.  Wrong!  By itself, setting the bike up correctly doesn’t mean that you’ll start winning races or beating your mates in the weekly bunch ride, although some improvements in performance do... Read More
How does saddle shape influence your comfort?  If you look at the huge range of saddles available on the market one thing becomes very clear: saddle shape varies enormously.  A small change in shape between two otherwise similar saddles can turn an uncomfortable saddle into one that is... Read More
There are quite a few considerations when it comes to choosing a perfect saddle.  The perfect saddle is the saddle that you don’t even feel or notice because it’s so comfortable.  It’s very difficult to examine every feature that goes into saddle design separately... Read More
One thing I’ve noticed is that when most cyclists buy a new bike they just use whatever saddle that came with the bike.  After paying a lot of attention to things like price, group set, wheels, paint colours and so forth they give no thought to what is probably the most critical... Read More
The clue here is in the title: it’s all about you.  So making a good choice for a new road bike means knowing something about yourself.  What sort of position can my body realistically get into on the bike without causing an injury, what sort of riding am I going to use the bike... Read More
Bike Box Review - 10 March 2018
If you’ve ever travelled with your bike, taking it on a flight can be a bit nerve racking… will it make it to my cycling holiday / race in one piece?  Will the baggage handlers drop or damage it?  This is where a top quality bike box can make all the... Read More