Body Fit

As one patient has recently said:

“I have an F1 bike and want an F1 set-up, but I only have a Corolla body”

If this sounds like you then a “Body Fit” appointment is just what you need.

If Physio Bike Fitting is all about the bike, “Body Fit” or optimising your own musculoskeletal characteristics, is all about you!

Perfect positioning involves the rider just as much as it involves the bike 

Can you get into the aerodynamic positions required for fast racing?  Is your core strong enough to easily and comfortably keep you in a great position without your spine and pelvis wobbling when you ride or sprint?  Body Fit is all about how you can improve yourself in terms of flexibility, core strength and muscle balance for optimal cycling performance.

I analyse your musculoskeletal system for any factors that may prevent you from being the ultimate cycling athlete, and then create an individual Body Fit program to help you improve your body to get the most out of your cycling experience.  Whilst I routinely assess your musculoskeletal system during a bike fit, I also do it on request from cyclists, runners and swimmers to enhance their biomechanical and neuromuscular efficiency for peak performance.

I can help you get flexible enough to get into a performance / racing position on the bike (a real key in time trials), and to develop enough core stability to control it!  This can increase your efficiency and power on the bike.  In other words, you can get faster without training harder on the bike – by training smarter off it!

Video – How Core Stability Affects Your Cycling Performance

What is Involved & What does it Cost?

  • I test your flexibility, strength, core stability and muscle balance as specifically related to cycling or triathlon.
  • I then recommend the most appropriate way to improve your body’s performance to produce optimal cycling performance, such as the ability to get your body into a more aerodynamic position or to develop the core strength for regular riding and/or for a faster sprint. 
  • For runners and swimmers: I analyse your technique and identify all of the musculoskeletal factors that are impairing your technique.  For example, in runners weak hip flexors may impair the swing phase drive when running at race pace and prevent your form doing your best times.
  • Cost: the assessment is included as part of a bike fit but if you want the custom individualised program as part of your bike set-up: add $130 (and half an hour) to the cost of your set-up.  If you want to look at Body Fit only, it takes 60mins and costs $220 (a normal initial physiotherapy consultation at Cycle Physio).
  • You will walk away with an individualised program to specifically meet your cycling needs, including stretches, strengthening exercises and core stability work.  This will be progressed periodically until you perfect your technique.