Cycle Physio offers a full triathlon service - we are just as skilled in fitting you to your bike as we are in analysing and perfecting your running and swimming biomechanics.  This makes for greater efficiency (which means increased speed in an endurance sport!), as well as less injuries.

We can help with your bike fit, including for iron man events where comfort and efficiency over your 180km time trial is paramount!  This is a completely different bike fit to that used for road time trials, which are usually much shorter and have different regulations governing rider position.

Davids’ background in working with swimmers is extensive, and has included working with some of the great group of Olympic swimmers coming from Brisbane over the past decade.  He can advise on your swimming biomechanics and help you develop your body to optimise performance in this key leg of triathlon.

Running mechanics and their optimisation is really where Davids’ background in sports physio began.  He has been involved in this his entire career and can ably assist in preventing running injuries and improving your technique.  Most people don’t realise that swimming and running are highly skilled activities to perform at an elite level (we can all run or swim, but to do so at pace are a different thing altogether!).  We can help you improve from whatever ability you are currently at.If you would like to look at all 3 disciplines in your first consultation, please let us know when calling to book an appointment.