The sports Physiotherapist who understands cycling & your body

Are YOU uncomfortable on the bike?  You shouldn’t be!  Discomfort is not normal!

Is YOUR injury just not going away?

Do YOU want pain relief for the long term?

Cycle Physio is based in Brisbane and offers a Physiotherapy consultation that includes a professional bike fit, injury management and injury prevention service for cyclists, runners, swimmers and triathletes.  All services are performed by a highly experienced sports Physiotherapist with a double masters degree in sports and musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. 

At Cycle Physio we HELP YOU get the most out of cycling, running and swimming by:

  • Optimising your movement patterns and biomechanical efficiency when running, swimming or riding.  This means going faster with lowered risk of injury!
  • Providing real answers for your pain, with practical solutions that produce a long term result!
  • Guiding you in your development of sports specific core strength, flexibility and technique with a sports Physiotherapist whose focus is cycling, running and swimming.
  • Providing a world class bike fitting service for all types of cyclists (road, track, time trial, trialthlon, XC mountain bike).  Having a sports Physiotherapist fit your bike offers the benefit of detailed understanding of sports performance, injuries and their prevention.                           

David Wadsworth

David has a double masters degree in sports and musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, developing his clinical expertise over the past 21 years. He has been awarded the top academic excellence prizes in his undergraduate and postgraduate training. In practice he has divided his time between sports Physiotherapy and managing complex and persistent problems that traditional care all too frequently fails to cure.

His passion is cycling, a sport in which he has been involved in for the past 15 to 20 years. He races on the road and track with more recently adding mountain bike racing with his oldest son!  He is a level 1 road and track cycling coach and has the privilege of being the assistant coach for the Queensland Junior Track Cycling Team and JETS, the junior development squad for road and track cyclists in Qld.  You might see him out at the Anna Meares Velodrome several times a week in his coaching role.

In sports Physiotherapy, David has had a long and extensive involvement in cycling, running and swimming sports. He is the current Sports Physiotherapist for the QAS Road and Track Cycling Squad.  He has helped guide the physical development of some of Australia’s leading swimmers over the past decade as they developed from teenage prodigies into Olympic stars. He was the head Physiotherapist for the Brisbane Bullets NBL team for 5 seasons.  David has been performing bike fits in Brisbane professionally for the past 10 years and has made this a focus of his clinical practice.  He is equally comfortable helping runners, swimmers or cyclists perfect their technique and biomechanical efficiency to achieve peak performance, whatever their age, level or goals.

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