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Sports Physiotherapy

A stronger, more flexible you


It's also about the rider.

Learn what you can do to make your position more comfortable & competitive

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Some types of pain are not able to be "fixed" with a bike fit alone

Everyone (well almost everyone) has some imperfections... 

a bit tight here, too weak there.

These musculoskeletal issues can:

  • Contribute to injury

  • Impair your performance

  • Prevent you from achieving a competitive or comfortable position on your bike

  • Contribute to or cause saddle sores

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High Performance Musculoskeletal Programs

"I have an F1 bike and want an F1 set-up, but I only have a Corolla body"

Perfect positioning on the bike is just as much about the rider as it is about the bike.

For those interested in achieving at a high performance level, addressing your personal challenges with flexibility, strength & muscle tone is what Sports Physiotherapy is all about.  It is proactive care helping you achieve your best & prevent you missing training sessions or races through injury.

This is why David offers personalised assessment & strength programs for cyclists, runners & swimmers.  He will target those areas you personally need to work to create a focused high value program.  He is happy to work with your strength & conditioning specialist to help you achieve your best performance injury-free.

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