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Performance Coaching for Dedicated Cyclists

David is a Level 2 "Gold / Advanced" Australian Road & Track Cycling Coach.  He offers individual coaching for dedicated cyclists of all ages & abilities.  The only pre-requisite is that you want to improve.

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Cycle Coaching

David offers one-on-one coaching for cyclists, particularly those who are interested in improving, racing & achieving their personal best.  For those who have not had a cycling coach before, an individualised training program is the fastest way to improve.  Your personal program may involve a range of things including setting up a training workouts in a periodised manner, learning how to train at the correct intensity at the correct time, how to pace efforts, how to fuel on the bike and before / after rides, analysing tactics, planning to win or planning to achieve whatever your goal might be.  Depending on your needs coaching may involve learning technical skills such as descending, cornering & braking.

David has coached both junior & adult riders to state & national championships.  He still enjoys riding & racing himself.  He coaches the junior development squad for AusCycling road & track cyclists, and is the current club coach & club captain for his cycling club in Brisbane Australia.  He takes on a limited number of cyclists in order to ensure he can do a great job with your cycling career.  He coaches high performance athletes, recreational racers & has particular expertise in assisting riders recovering from injury or setbacks reach their full fitness level.

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Discovering your capabilities

  • Testing is how we commence a coaching journey.  It is where I get to know your capabilities as a rider.  It includes a number of possible tests.  Which tests we perform depends on your training experience, needs & abilities.  Testing may include:

  • Power profiling - discover your abilities in the sprint, pursuit, time trial & endurance domains.  Power is an external measure of how your body is performing.

  • Metabolic & cardiovascular profiling - using heart rate & lactate testing to discover how your body is performing internally.  Without internal measures establishing training zones becomes guesswork.  This is why many people overtrain & perform poorly as the standard "FTP test" fails an estimated 50% of the time. 

  • Establish accurate training zones that are individualised to you.

  • Re-test regularly to track progress & diagnose any performance plateaus.


Training Periodisation & Programming

Customising your program to your goals & current abilities

  • I use Training Peaks (a diary-based application) that allows your daily program to be uploaded & accessed by you from anywhere in the world.

  • Communication is key in coaching.  We will communicate via multiple channels including Training Peaks, telephone, in person, or messaging apps as best suits you.

  • Data collected during all of your rides will be uploaded to Training Peaks.  I then further analyse your data using more advanced software, which along with regular testing is a valuable tool to inform coaching decisions to optimise your training & progression.

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Technical Skills Coaching

Good technical skills make cycling more fun!

  • Technical skills need to be well developed to perform at your best.  It makes everything feel easier & as a result it is even more fun!

  • David is experienced in coaching all age groups in cycling skills such as cornering, bunch riding skills, braking, time trialling and track skills such as gate starts & timed events including pursuit & sprint events. 

  • Technical skills session can be arranged as part of your coaching.

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Tactical, Nutritional & Mental Skills

Getting these "off-the-bike" components right is often the difference between success & failure

  • Incorporating the "off-the-bike" components in your program is essential for success Consider:

  • Tactical skills - when should you attack, when should you conserve, when should you start your sprint, what should I do if a contender makes a move?  Coaching involves helping you formulate a tactical plan for your event.

  • Nutrition - of obvious importance if weight loss or weight gain are goals, but this is always critical to fuel your training / racing performance properly.  Referral to sports dieticians within my professional network can be arranged as required.

  • Mental skills - "the price of entry to a big event is nerves".  Learning how to handle this & develop resilience & mental toughness is part of the process of continual improvement for all successful athletes.  It is incorporated into your training and daily processes as part of the way I coach.  Referral to sports psychologists within my team can be arranged as required.

  • Bike fit - I offer professional bike fitting services to ensure your position is optimised.

  • Stress - can arise for anyone off the bike (eg. school exams, deadlines at work, poor sleep).  This has a huge impact on your ability to train & perform, so advice about identifying & managing stress is important.

Get in Touch

David is happy to discuss your coaching needs.  Feel free to reach out via telephone or email if you are looking for a coach & are ready to take the next step in your cycling journey.

07 3369 0909

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