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Last Minute Preparations for Your Next Sportif

Updated: May 2, 2023

If you’re looking to ride the Tour De Brisbane, or any other long road race or sportif for that matter, read on and get some top tips for what you can do in the final week.

I’m hoping your training has already happened, with your fitness already established. If your event is next weekend, there’s nothing you can do to get fitter now, just taper off the training to freshen up and be able to go that bit faster on race day. So what can you do to be “race”-ready in the final week?

This week:

· Service bike. If cables are replaced ensure cable housings are pre-stretched (or else your gears are unlikely to stay tuned during the race). Check tyres – bald tyres are likely to puncture in the race and should be replaced.

· Shopping – for sports drink, pre- and post-race foods, during race foods. Or bake your own.

· Wash cycle kit.

· If there’s a feedzone in your event ensure you have a handler to pass you a musette.

· Practice passing musette and bidon with your handler – crashes are common in feedzones and usually caused by people who haven’t practised this. Ensure you can grab a bidon or a musette with either hand.

The Day before:

· Clean and lube your bike. Pack car with bike, track pump, spare wheel set, tools.

· Pack your race bag with cycle kit, warmers, cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, chamois cream etc.

· Prepare your race food.

· Know your start time and plan your pre-race meal 2-3hrs before this.

· Prepare pre- and post-race foods.

· Prepare bidons.

· Get a good nights sleep.

Honey, where's my bike gonna fit?

The morning of the race:

· Pack your esky with bidons, musette, race food, pre- and post-race snacks.

· Make sure you bring your feedzone handler! Make sure they know what jersey you’re wearing.

· Eat your pre-race meal 2-3hrs before your start time.

· Eat your pre-race snack 45-60mins before start time.

· Fill your pockets with race food. Aim for 80-90gm carbohydrate / hour (this includes the small amount in your sports drink).

· Check tyre pressures, supply spare wheel set to spares vehicle.

· Pin race number on (if applicable).

· Warm-up. You may need to bring a stationary trainer for this purpose.

· Report to start line 5-10min before start time.

And the most important thing – race day is fun day so go out there and enjoy! This is what all the training and preparation was for in the first place.


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